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Sprint Release #112

Sprint 112 Release Note: Easily Integrate (and Increase Automation) with New Public Editorial API, More Ways to Save Time with Location Barcodes, & Many More Improvements. Happy reading on another sprint release day! 🎉

Public Editorial API

You've asked, and we've answered! Is your in-house dev team looking for a way to integrate with Creative Forces' editorial module?

Specifically, would they love to be able to trigger the creation of new projects and deliverables?

And once those projects and deliverables are made, what about uploading and assigning assets to them?

These are just some of the great examples of what you can do seamlessly and automatically with our new Public Editorial API. Wow, what great time savers! 🎉

Check out the Editorial API documentation here: Creative Force API Documentation: Editorial

Updates to Use Location Barcodes in Gamma

As mentioned in our previous few release notes, we've further built upon what you can do with locations in tandem with containers and samples in Gamma this sprint!

When using Universal Scanning today, we can already scan a location barcode to see important information like its name, barcode, address, and the containers and samples within it.

Now with this release, within the context of a specific location, you can also execute relevant sample and container actions in Gamma!

  • Moving a rail of samples to a set in prep for the day's shoot? Scan the set's location barcode and update the location of the rail from your laptop in a snap!
  • Inbounding individual samples? Scan the location barcode and easily update the location of those samples.

Other Improvements

  • GAMMA: Awaiting Color Reference status may be bypassed once again by disabling the associated Production Type, either manually or automatically via conditional Style Guide rules
  • GAMMA: Display "No Cover Shot Added" text when there is no cover image in a Style Guide position
  • GAMMA: Improvements to optimize data source queries
  • GAMMA: Optimize submission speed
  • GAMMA: Improve loading of images
  • KELVIN: Update event logs for Samples
  • KELVIN: Performance updates to improve Kelvin's slow respond to inputs
  • API: Tool to migrate S3 bucket
  • API: Update event logs for Samples
  • API: Add event log on CF Gateway
  • API: Workfront Integration: Standard rate limit implementation
  • API: Updates to facilitate receiving rejected assets from Post Vendor

Bugs Fixed

  • FIXED: GAMMA: Partially Missing Info on Label
  • FIXED: GAMMA: Delay in count shown on top of the To Do column in Kanban view
  • FIXED: GAMMA: Missing Images and Duplicate Images in Contact Sheets
  • FIXED: GAMMA: Update error code when syncing from Data Source
  • FIXED: GAMMA: Sample properties not showing
  • FIXED: GAMMA: Bulk search for product code not showing all results
  • FIXED: GAMMA: Outfit code not populating after creating outfit
  • FIXED: GAMMA: Exported sample csv shifts values
  • FIXED: GAMMA: Load container data issue in Sample slide-in
  • FIXED: VENDOR PORTAL: Kanban showing wrong number of images
  • FIXED: HUE: Wrong project author
  • FIXED: API: Create job still response 200 status in case of jobCode between specific range of character counts
  • FIXED: API: Add ProductCategory return wrong clientId when creating category successfully
  • FIXED: API: Can create or update a container with invalid containerTypeId
  • FIXED: API: Generate container not validation for over max count number and containerTypeId
  • FIXED: API: Get current available categories by product - Return wrong clientId
  • FIXED: API: Do not delete children objects when delete parent object
  • FIXED: API: Production tasks out of order on Preview task screen
  • FIXED: API: Completed rejected assets not received from Pixelz
  • FIXED: API: Error when sending images to External Post
  • FIXED: API: Permissions issue with admin users
  • FIXED: API: Deleted styling item remains in wardrobe unexpectedly
  • FIXED: API: Issue with user's active DateTime
  • FIXED: API: Cannot access Insights
  • FIXED: API: System alert - Wrong error 'category error' on delivery asset