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Sprint Release #119

Sprint 119 Release Note: Effortlessly Filter Settings, Mark-up Instructions for Post-Production in Gamma, Greater Flexibility in Post-Production Workflows, and more! We’re back with another round of sprint release notes! 🎉 Happy reading!


Effortlessly Find What’s Needed in Settings


In addition to the recent UI improvements made to the Settings Area, we are introducing the ability to filter the different Settings tabs!

Here are just some examples of how these filters can make your life easier - you'll have to dive into your Studio Settings to find them all:

  • Filter your list of users by User Role, Employment Type, or Skill
  • Edit the right Studio Locations by filtering the Location Type and whether they are a Check-In or Check-Out location
  • Have a long list of Containers? These can be filtered by their Container Type and even their Current Location

Once you have the Studio Settings filtered how you'd like, you can link to that view by copying and pasting the URL - the filters will stay active.


The ability to effortlessly find what's needed within the Settings Area will help studio Operations and Admin teams keep their instance running smoothly.

For studios with multiple Administrators, feel confident that you and your team are on the same page by collaborating on the same list of filtered results.

Editorial: Add Instructions Where & When It’s Most Relevant


Editorial users are now able to mark-up instructions for different post-production steps in Gamma throughout the selection process! This includes Pre-Selection in Gamma and Final Selection.

Editorial users can also mark-up instructions for different post-production steps in Kelvin while on set.

The user can also make image-specific instructions or general instructions about all images.


We have found from our eCommerce workflows that giving instructions for post-production at the relevant parts of the workflow is an integral part of streamlining and enhancing operations in Creative Force. This is also very relevant for editorial - while making selects, Art Directors have a need to give contextual instructions for retouchers downstream in the process.

Bringing Greater Flexibility to Post-Production Workflows


We're introducing yet another Post Production workflow model that will support more advanced Outsourcing processes.

By using this workflow, images will initially be sent out to one External Post vendor. After the images are completed, Creative Force will route the images to a second External Post vendor for an additional round of work.


This new workflow approach unlocks the ability to work with multiple retouching vendors within the same process. Some use cases for this include but are not limited to:

Sending still images to one vendor for clipping and basic adjustments, and then sending to a second vendor for more advanced compositing and detail work.

Sending video files to one vendor for editing, and then routing the final edit to a secondary vendor for color correction.

Other Improvements

  • Updated the list of frame rates in video presets to be compatible with all supported frame rates from industry-standard editing software
  • Editorial: We now support uploading Keynote file types as Editorial Documents!
  • Editorial: We now also inform the user of the full list of supported file type extensions when uploading files to Editorial documents
  • Enable WebDAV as a delivery option for all customers
  • Enable CaptureOne v23 integration in Kelvin
  • Added parameter GetImageById for Hue, Kelvin, and Chroma in order to reduce the response size
  • Support date time merge field when setting up working file backup in HueSmall performance improvements within Hue and Kelvin
  • Event Log Access: Add Product Code to sample events

Bugs Fixed

  • GAMMA: FIXED: Loading error on an Editorial Task QC rejection screen
  • GAMMA: FIXED: Editorial - Error message when adding Products or Samples to a Project
  • GAMMA: FIXED: Error if space was added in the merge fields when creating style guides
  • GAMMA: FIXED: Datasource API being called too many times
  • GAMMA: FIXED: Sample Return Date Reverts to 1/1/1970
  • GAMMA: FIXED: Connection to was not successful after updating credentials
  • API: FIXED: Update cover image of the Deliverable
  • API: FIXED: VPI Past Due Date action 'Change source to Photo Production' not applicable for InProgress WorkUnits (LH-16502)
  • API: FIXED: API get location detail return invalid createdDatetimeUtc (LH-17369)
  • API: FIXED: Event Log Access - Missing some location value (LH-17288)