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Sprint Release #107

Sprint 107 Release Note: More Powerful Filtering Options, Vendor Image Portal Performance Optimization, A Lot of Fixes and Other Updates. Happy reading on Sprint Release Day! 🎉


Conditional Filters

We have added a powerful new feature to our filtering functionality. It is now possible to add conditions as part of the filter, using the following operators:

  • Is empty
  • Is not empty
  • Contains
  • Does not contain
  • Equal to
  • Not equal to

Conditional Filter

Advanced Product Date Filtering

We've added relative filtering options for date properties to our filters.

The new operators are:

  • Last ( months / days / hours / minutes )
  • Next ( months / days / hours / minutes )
  • Older than ( months / days / hours / minutes )
  • Exact ( months / days / hours / minutes )

Date Filters

Reference Image Alerts: Pool across clients!

Want to use reference images across multiple clients? No problem.

We've made it possible to set up bi-directional reference image pools across all clients in your instance.


Pool References

Vendor Portal Performance Update

Over the last couple of months, we have been giving the vendor portal an optimization overhaul. The speed is significantly improved for key operations. In some cases, up to 10 times faster 😱. Hold on to your hats!

  • Optimized image upload speed.
  • Optimized mapping flow & bulk submitting flow.
  • Removed the images analyzing step.

Other Improvements

  • Editorial: Update logic when send images to Pixelz
  • Editorial: Deliverable Panel: Show properties with sorting and alerts.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed: Kelvin: Delay in Location/Container update, resulting in conflict on set.
  • Fixed: Kelvin: Reversible cropping not working despite 'Ignore Crop' being enabled.
  • Fixed: Gamma: Cannot update property values in the property settings
  • Fixed: Gamma: Filtering by Container not working on Sample and Product view
  • Fixed: Gamma: Slow loading of the Jobs page
  • Fixed: Gamma: Don't show Remove button in the job view detail screen
  • Fixed: Gamma: Error when select Bynder property = CF date
  • Fixed: Gamma: Error when edit multi-products.
  • Fixed: Gamma: No condition check when creating a second work unit.
  • Fixed: Gamma: Only 1 sample is created when importing 2 products that has the same product code, but where the sample codes are different.
  • Fixed: Editorial: Mockup Editor - Undo issue.
  • Fixed: Editorial: Editorial deliverable: Permission = View but still show functions in Project detail
  • Fixed: Editorial: Invalid Asset Workflow Sidebar on Assets and Editorial Project Assets
  • Fixed: Gamma: QC Rejection - Thumbnail in History display in wrong size & not center when user minimize window then resize
  • Fixed: Gamma: Lost images after Photo Review.
  • Fixed: Vendor Portal: separate view state for each user.
  • Fixed: Vendor Portal: Update auto-mapping logic for product with multiple shooting types.
  • Fixed: Vendor Portal: Bad UI in list image, video of manual mapping step.
  • Fixed: Vendor portal: Get pattern when auto mapping on.
  • Fixed: API: Error when selecting Bynder properties.
  • Fixed: API: Delta file handling: Has no product.
  • Fixed: API: Products added to job without having data synced from data source.
  • Fixed: API: Image not coming back from Ext. Post.
  • Fixed: API: System cannot write file ID before sending file to Ext Post.
  • Fixed: API: Image showing up twice on Int. Post Kanban view.