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During the pandemic, eCommerce for the most part, was the only commerce, especially for retailers. In the early days, just keeping studios operational was the focus, but as many parts of the world opened up and teams became more adept at working in the new normal, we can look to perfect processes.

In this era, getting products online faster is more important than ever. Find out how your team can implement lean manufacturing principles and make use of real-time production data to increase speed to market, eliminate inefficiencies, and reduce costs.

In this session you’ll learn how your team can:

  • Get images online faster through improved productivity and increase visibility
  • Identify and eliminate bottlenecks with real-time production data
  • Reduce WIP and accelerate time-to-market to lower costs and drive sales sooner
  • Gain efficiency at scale through continuous improvement
  • And more!
James Lewis
Principal Solution Consultant
Creative Force
Jasper Lanz
Senior Data Expert
Creative Force