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Episode 2 of 4

In this second episode, we focused on how brands and retailers managed content creation, production, and evolution during the pandemic lockdowns, how that changed budget allocation, workflows, and project planning. We also spent time on how studios, creative teams, and in-house agencies continued to grow, evolve, and transform to meet the consumer needs of the future.

Some of the specific topics discussed include:

  • In-house, out, or hybrid production – studio + creative
  • Demand Management: forecasting job role demand and the allocation of resources
  • Partner selection and management
  • Building and maximizing internal and vendor relationships
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Budget allocation and the investment in content creation
  • Contingency planning
  • How has this year changed the way you work, and how will it affect how you work going forward
  • Finding and maximizing efficiencies
  • The Sample Conundrum
  • Metrics and data to support your decision making
  • And more.
Clair Carter-Ginn
Forecast Agency
Devin Fisher
Executive Director, Studios
Stewart Honeyman
Studio Operations Manager
Pretty Little Thing
Tara Geraghty
Senior Director, Marketing & Creative Services
Carrie Crow
Former Creative Operations Director
Hello Fresh