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Bonus Episode

Join us for a special bonus episode in our Remote Studio Solutions series.

We’re bringing together a group of industry partners who have unique offerings to benefit studio teams currently working remotely and at-a-distance. Please tune in for a series of short presentations to find out how your team might be helped by their solutions and bring your questions to learn more from them directly.

You’ll discover how your team can:

  • Source models, photographers, stylists, and more through a directory that includes accessible locations like home, studio, or office sites during the lockdown. You’ll also be able to easily browse looks and locations in one go to coordinate remote shootings.
  • Implement modern tooling to create dynamic on-figure and ghost shots, using real models—but without models present
  • Overcome some of the common challenges that agencies, studios, and marketing teams face when dealing with images and other digital assets
  • Measure the success of a digital transformation initiative and what it takes to deliver a compelling and engaging experience with a digital asset
  • And much more
Jacob Karlsson
Sales Director EMEA/APAC
Creative Force
Andrew Phillips
Senior Solution Engineer
Jason Khoury
Head of Corporate Marketing
Ludwig Henne
Co-Founder & CEO
Noelani Malley
VP, Brand & Client Relations
Einar Akerlind
VP, Product