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Episode 2 of 6

Listen in as a panel of experienced photo studio pros discuss how they’re navigating one of the most challenging and disruptive chapters of their careers and how they’re finding success despite being socially distant.

You’ll learn how these studio leaders are:

  • Creating content from home studios and how they’ve evolved their workflows in surprising ways
  • Boosting team morale and promoting productivity while navigating the day-to-day uncertainty
  • Overcoming the now-more-than-ever challenge of sample tracking and management
  • Remote art directing and even styling to preserve brand identity and ensure consistency
  • Scrapping their metrics programs to focus on the data that’s most meaningful now
  • And much more.
Sean O'Meara
Head of Community & Strategic Growth - Creative Force
Creative Force
Michael Gurley
Senior Manager, Field Solution Engineering
Conrad Sanderson
Creative Operations Specialist
Linda Wallace
Senior Manager, Studio Creative